How to Keep Kids Quiet and Engaged In Church or A Gathering (it’s possible!)

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Attending church as a family can be a meaningful experience, but for parents with young children, it often comes with the stress of keeping kids entertained and quiet. Fortunately, we've got some tips to help ensure your children will be engaged and content without causing disruptions. Here are some activities we've found:

  1. Quiet Activity Bags

Prepare a special bag filled with quiet activities that your child only gets to use during church. This can include:

  • Coloring Books and Crayons: Pick a theme that they love (dinosaurs, Bluey, etc.) and watch them be engaged during the hour.
  • Sticker Books: Kids love stickers, and sticker books can keep them engaged for a significant amount of time (plus it requires no clean up!).
  • Small Puzzles: Compact, simple puzzles can be a great way to keep their hands and minds busy.
  1. Drawing and Doodle Pads

Encourage your child's creativity with a small sketchpad and a set of colored pencils or washable markers. This not only keeps them occupied but also allows them to express their understanding of the talks through drawing (not sponsored but Boogie Boards are a great option!).

  1. Quiet Fidget Toys

Small, quiet fidget toys can help children with restless hands to stay calm. Items like silicone bubble poppers or stress balls can be effective and are usually silent.

  1. Soft Plush Toys

A favorite stuffed animal can provide comfort and a sense of security. Choose soft toys that don't make noise and are easy to carry. To get your kid more engaged, help them dress up their toy for church, giving them a buddy to keep in check during the service.

  1. Activity Sheets and Worksheets

Print out age-appropriate activity sheets that include mazes, word searches, and crosswords with a religious theme. These can be a fun way to engage children in learning about faith while keeping them entertained.

  1. Snacks

A small container of quiet, non-messy snacks can be a lifesaver. Opt for healthy options like apple slices, grapes, or crackers that won't leave crumbs everywhere.

Tips for Success:

  • Rotate Activities: Keep a variety of activities on hand and rotate them to maintain your child's interest.
  • Set Expectations: Explain to your child the importance of being quiet during the service and what activities they are allowed to do.
  • Practice at Home: Before attending church, practice sitting quietly and using the activities at home to help your child get used to the routine.

By preparing ahead and having a variety of quiet activities, you can help your children stay entertained during church, making the experience more enjoyable for the whole family. For walks to church, an adorable hat can also get them excited for the service! Good luck with keeping your kid quiet during church this summer! You've got this!

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